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Experience hands-on DEMOs of superior transmission, remote production, on-air replay, playout solutions, AI and FAST Streaming TV.

Discover how our collaborative efforts with broadcasters are revolutionizing the Media Supply Chain. We're here to enhance your live video projects and help you integrate seamlessly the latest innovations in cloud broadcast into your current workflows!

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We invite you to our booth# F2 for catered drinks. There will be various appetizers and beer.

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Meet with us at our TVU Cloud booth #F2 in JIO WORLD CONVENTION CENTRE, MUMBAI from October 8-10.


See the most innovative cloud and IP solutions for 5G transmission, video production, distribution and monetization

You no longer need expensive traditional production methods! Now you can synchronize multiple live video sources for powerful production in the cloud. Find below a small teaser of the latest innovations in TVU solutions that we will be demonstrating at BI 2023

The ONE-TVU Networks (3)


The pinnacle in 5G live video transmission for both single and multi-camera setups. Astonishing 0.3s latency for remote news and sports productions. The new industry standard.

remi live video production using cellular 5G

TVU RPS Link Encoder

With just an encoder and a decoder, TVU RPS aggregates up to 12 internet connections to provide high-speed, perfectly synchronized transmissions from multiple remote sources to your current studio.

tvu anywhere with SDK-technology-code-for-high-quality,-low-latency-and-reliable-live-video-transmission 1

TVU Anywhere

The reference mobile broadcasting application for high quality live streaming.



Transmit live HD video at sub-second latency from your vehicle or studio

TVU Nano 2 5G

TVU Nano router - 5G ready

TVU Nano mini-router aggregates and maximizes up to 6 channels of bandwidth, including 3 5G cellular networks, wi-fi and ethernet.


TVU Producer

Multi-channel REMI production with cellular networks aggregating up to 12 connections.


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