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2024 Summer Games live channel makes history as the first major broadcast with 100% cloud workflow.

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Over the next four months, france.tv's new dedicated channel is leveraging cloud technology, 5G, Starlink, and drones through TVU's ecosystem to achieve unprecedented coverage of the 2024 Summer Games. Offering 10 hours of action-packed live content daily - accessible via the France.tv app, connected TVs, and digital platforms- viewers will have access to every moment, from the Torch's 1625 km journey to the Games themselves.

The historic results of the first 100% Cloud Broadcast for a major event.

  Hundreds of tons saved in CO2 emissions

More than 70% savings on production costs

Ultra-low latency & perfect stability.

6x the expected audience: Millions of viewers.

Through this collaboration, France Télévisions and TVU Networks are setting a new standard for the future — one that prioritizes innovation, sustainability, and the power of cloud technology to bring fans closer to the action.

- Romuald Rat,
Director of Technological Innovation and AI at France Télévisions..

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From satellite fleets to a moving 5G private network:
The Torch Relay's innovative set-up

Spanning 65 territories, including overseas, and involving +11K torchbearers, the Torch Relay's journey demanded an achievement akin to that of the Tour de France, albeit with a fraction of the budget. The challenge encompassed a very short time for planning and execution, while adhering to high standards of sustainability and broadcast quality.

What would typically have required a fleet to deliver satellite feeds was achieved through 100% 4G/5G transmission. In collaboration with TVU Networks, TDF, and startup Obvios, France Télévisions established a dedicated 5G bubble to follow the Torch. With uplink bandwidth reaching 500 Mbps and a low latency of 50-80 milliseconds, this bubble ensures seamless broadcasting and full control over cloud transmissions.

Usual setup

Captura de pantalla 2024-05-09 045132

New setup - synthetic diagram

Captura de pantalla 2024-05-09 044906

Including two traditional cameras, an iPhone for mobile insights, and aerial views from a drone, this agile convoy directs live feeds straight back to HQ via Starlink & TVU infrastructure, ensuring no moment is missed.

Glass-to-glass cloud production

At HQ, every aspect—including switching cameras, graphics, audio mixing, commentaries, playouts, ads, and intercom—is produced and distributed seamlessly through TVU's extensive cloud ecosystem.

solutions chart

This innovation gives editorial teams the ability to produce more content with greater adaptability and responsiveness, while controlling costs and maintaining the quality standards dear to France Télévisions.

- Frédéric Brochard, CTO and CIO at France Télévisions.

Watch the france.tv broadcast workflow diagram

Gain in-depth understanding of the TVU tech behind this success with this exclusive presentation featuring france.tv  Director of Engineering, Skander Ben Attia, & Techlab Director, Romuald Rat.

This isn’t just a milestone; it’s a wake-up call to the industry. The future of broadcast is here, and it’s accessible, sustainable, and opens up endless possibilities for bringing more content to fans everywhere.

- Paul Shen,  CEO at TVU Networks.

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