Live Broadcast solutions for  2023 Nigerian Events


TVU provides a complete range of services including equipment rentals, remote production solutions in the cloud, mobile journalist kits, data services and professional production teams for hire to cover your events in the most stable, flexible and cost effective manner.

With a 24/7 international support, your live broadcast will always be a success using TVU award winning solutions.


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Everything you need to cover

2023 Events in Nigeria

Go live with Ukraine report

Go live from anywhere

Contact our team to acquire a TVU Transceiver to take the feeds live to SDI, social media, OTT, websites.



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Broadcast equipment rentals

Ultra-reliable transmission. Experience the speed and stability of bonded cellular technology and 4G/5G/LTE/Starlink with our on-site TVU One pack rentals: H.265 encoding. 1080p/4K. Data included. 24/7 online support and on-site crew here to help you.

Discover our Mobile Journalist Kit

for Every Budget

TVU Producer is a cloud-based live streaming solution for live video production and live broadcasts. Create multi-camera live streaming programs in minutes, include live audience interactions, and easily manage live video productions with low latency.

TVU Anywhere is a mobile live-streaming app delivering high-quality live transmission for video broadcasting in remote locations.



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